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The Abandoned Graveyard is a small region in early Greece (Act I), entered from Laconia Woods in the east. It is purely optional, but sometimes minor treasures can be found here.


You will encounter skeletons (a subclass of Undead) here for the first time. Like all undead, they are immune to poison and vitality damage, and skeletons also have a high resistance against pierce damage (this type of damage is dealt by swords/daggers, spears and bows). However, like most undead, they are susceptible to all kinds of elemental damage (fire, lightning, cold) - if you have weapons dealing one of these damage types, consider using them.

The other new type of monster encountered here are Plague Birds, which are often found near undead monsters. They can be a nuisance, as they move fast and have poisonous attacks.

When you're done in this region, return to Laconia Woods in the east and from there to Laconia Hills.

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