This area map contains spoilers. Do not read it if you haven't already played the chapter.

Blue areas contain a waypoint.

Purple areas always have a Majestic Chest or an Orb.

I. Gardens of Babylon

Temple of Marduk

Temple of Marduk Level 1

Temple of Marduk Level 2

Temple of Marduk Level 3

Temple of Marduk Level 4 (Chimera)

II. Babylon Outskirts

Parthian Highlands

The Silk Road

Bactrian Woods

Amdo Region

III. Shangshung Village

Natu La Pass

Mountain Cave

Natu La Ridge

Mountain Cave

Amdo Region

Chumbi Valley

Natural Cave

Tsongmo Peak

Mountain Cave (Barmanu - Neanderthal Highlord; Yurg Rattlebone - Neanderthal Hero; Tor Skullcrusher Neanderthal Hero)

Tsongmo Ice Caverns (Gargantuan Yeti)

IV. Khantai Mountains

Neanderthal Dwelling
Neanderthal Dwelling

Orkhan Valley

Neanderthal Dwelling

Outer Mongolia

Mongolian Plateau

Natural Cave

Village of Guanzhong

The Great Wall (Xiao - Colossal Peng)

Shaanxi Province

V. Village of Zhidan

Jingyang Woods (Bloodfang - Tropical Arachnos Warlord)


Shaanxi Fields

Chang'an Outskirts

VI. City of Chang'an

Chang'an Palace (Bandari - Terra Cotta Sorcerer)

Chang'an Farmland

Quinba Bamboo Forest

Woodland Cave
Shrine of Zhong Kui (Dragon Liche - Lord of the Undead)

VII. Village of Binxan

Jinghe River Valley

Mortuary Cave

Quiyun Ascent

Mount Qiyun (Yaoguai - Ancient Bull Demon)

The Jade Palace

Natural Cave

Jinghe Wetlands

Natural Cave

Chang'an Farmland

Forest of the Ancients


VIII. Wusao Barrens

Wusao Caverns

The Obsidian Halls

Typhon's Prison (Ormenos - Telkine)

Lower Olympus

Olympus Summit (Typhon - Bane of the Gods)

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