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This area map contains spoilers. Do not read it if you haven't already played the chapter.

Near major boss monsters you will always find a Majestic Chest or an Orb.

I. Rhakotis (Portal, Side Quest received: The Family Heirloom)

Rhakotis Slums

  • Lookout Cave to a plateau in Hathor Basin

Rhakotis Library

Library Archives

Library Vault (Boss: Scarabeus the Desert King)

Hathor Basin

  • Cave to a plateau in Wadjet Canyons

Wadjet Canyons (Side Quest received: The Beast of Legend)

Nile Floodplain

  • Cave

II. Village of Sais (Portal, Side Quest received: Plight of the Nile Farmers)

Temple of Ptah

The Lower Nile (Side Quest received: A Promethean Surrounded)

Memphis Outskirts

  • Mysterious Tomb

City of Memphis

III. Memphis Plaza (Portal, Side Quests received: The Missing Brother, The High Priest's Request)

Gate of the Sphinx

Outer Giza

IV. Giza Plateau (Portal, Side Quest received: Khufu's Curse)

Fayum Passage

Fayum Desert (Boss: Iznu - Dune Raider Chieftain)

V. Fayum Oasis (Portal, Side Quests received: Caravan Woes, A Hidden Treasure)

Canyon of Isis

  • Natural Cave

Sobek Plateau (Boss: Sandqueen Masika)

Desert Waste

  • Ancient Tomb

Artisans' Quarter

Gate of the Palm


The Upper Nile

  • Sandswept Cave

Thebes Outskirts

  • Tomb
  • Mysterious Tomb

VI. Temple of Seti (Portal) (Side Quest received: The Corrupted Priest)

Highland Pass

Place of Truth

VII. Valley of the Kings (Portal)

  • Tomb of Amenhetep I
  • Tomb of Amenmeses
  • Tomb of Merenptah
  • Tomb of Thutmes
  • Tomb of Amenhetep II
  • Tomb of Seti I
  • Tomb of Thuyu
  • Tomb of Ramses (Boss: Aktaios - Telkine)

Hatshepsut Path

Temple of Hatshepsut

Hall of Prometheus (Boss: Sand Wraith Lord - Nightmare of the Desert)

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