This area map contains spoilers. Do not read it if you haven't already played the chapter.

Blue areas contain a waypoint.

Purple areas always have a Majestic Chest or an Orb.

Temple of Apollo

I. City of Rhodes

Coastal Asomata

Camirus Bluff
Cave of Orthea
Damatria (Gargantuan Karkinos)
Ixian Woods
Secret Passage

Ixian Woods

Den of Anteok (Surryln the Belligerent - Anteok Hero)

II. Medea's Grove

Ixian Outlands

Ampelian Caves (Queen Ycht'ssk'l - Formicid Hero)

Soronis (Nightblossom)

Great Hall of Propontis
Tomb of Tsakonian Queens (Queen Alkiste - Corrupted Soul)

Tsakonian Ruins (Kallixenia - Liche Queen)

Great Tomb of Aegimius (King Aegimius - Corrupted Soul)
Great Tomb of Dorus
Temple of the Gray (Deino - Gray Sister; Enyo - Gray Sister; Pemphredo - Gray Sister)

III. Epirus - Refugee Camp


Ossuary of the Thesproti

City of Paseron (Proseia - Demon Captain)

Paseron Outskirts

Pindos Mountains

Passage of Souls

Hades - Dark Grove

IV. The River Styx

Charon's Dock

Shrine of the Golden Bough

The River Styx (Orok Skullcracker - Troglodyte Hero)

Unfinished Bridge (Charon - Ferryman of the Styx)

New Road

Stygian Marsh (Shade Feaster - Stygian Hydradon Hero)

Daemon Storeroom
Den of Tantalus

City of Lost Souls

Upper City of Lost Souls

City of Lost Souls

Lower City of Lost Souls


V. Upper City of Lost Souls

Small Rocky Cave (Brontes - Cyclops; Steropes - Cyclops)

The Plains of Judgment

The Salt Flats

Hecatean Agora

The Salt Flats

Lower Daemon Camp (Thyia of the Stygian Frost - Empusa Hero)

Pools of Mnemosyne

Prisoners's Camp (Kondor the Mighty - Troglodyte Hero)

Upper Daemon Camp (Envoy Kor-Lhrut - Machae Hero)

Cave of Whispers (The Bloated One - Spider Hero)

Vale of Mourning


The Necromanteion (Bonescourge - Soul-feeder)

The Far Plains

Deep Caverns (Krog the Toothless - Urn Guardian)

The Dread Halls

The Dread Path

The Dread Halls

VI. The Dread Path

Tower of Judgment

Fifth Domain

Fourth Domain (Canace the Serpent Queen - Empusa Hero)

Third Domain

Second Domain

First Domain (Cerberus - Warden of Hades)

Hall of Judgment


VII. Aetolian Polis

Perinthean Armory


Delian Meadows

Delian Caves

Elysian Acropolis

Achaean Pass


Cave of Apollo
Cave of Artemis

Academy of Sophocles

Fields of the Diadochi

Philos Plateau (Metriche - Empusa Hero)

Eronian Highlands

Argolis (Blood Queen Leucothea - Melinoe Hero)

Palace Wall

Secret Passage

VIII. Palace of Hades (Typhon - Undead Titan)

The Dark Processional

The Aidonean Propylon

Court of Kouloures

The Winding Descent (Dysnomion - Machae High General)

Prison of Souls (Trophonios - Machae High General; Makaria - Machae High General)

Polis Daemonai (Warden of Souls; The Night's Mistress - Empusa Hero)

Crystalline Stellae

Royal Chambers (Hades - God of the Dead)

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