This area map contains spoilers. Do not read it if you haven't already played the chapter.

Blue areas contain a waypoint.

Purple areas always have a Majestic Chest or an Orb.

Road to Helos

I. Village of Helos

Helos Farmlands
Helos Woods (Dark Satyr - Shaman)


Natural Cave (Pandarus - Thieving Eurynomus)

Laconia Woods

Abandoned Graveyard

Laconia Hills

Natural Cave

Spartan Road

II. Spartan War-Camp

Pellana Valley (Nessus - Centaur Chieftain)

Spartan Highlands

Natural Cave

Mycenean Ruins

Ancient Tomb

Spartan Woods

Natural Cave

Village of Tegea

Tegea Forest
Tegea Spring
Fetid Lair
Tegea Graveyard


Ancient Tomb

Megara Bluff

Megara Coast

Natural Cave

III. City of Megara

Megara Outskirts

Kerata Forest

Old Eleusis
Ancient Ruins (Menon - Prince of the Bow; Polypas - Prince of the Blade; Aristeus - Prince of the Storm)

Halcyon Coast (Polyphemus - Cyclops)

Cyclops' Lair
Natural Cave


Ambrossos Farmlands

Chiron's Grove
Natural Cave (Ino - Maenad Priestess)

Village of Ambrossos

Helicos Valley

Helicos Pass

Olive Grove (Arachne - Spider Queen)

Phocian Swamps

Natural Cave

Lower Delphy

Crisaeos Falls

Natural Cave

Delphi Highlands

IV. City of Delphi

Temple of Apollo

Parnassus Foothills

Parnassus Caves (Cepharis - Master of the Flame)

Parnassus Hinterlands

Cephesus Woods

Natural Cave

V. Parnassus Hinterlands

Lower War-Camp

Natural Cave

Upper War-Camp

Pythian Caves (Gorgon Queen - Euryale; Gorgon Queen - Medussa; Gorgon Queen - Sstheno)

Athenian Passage

Ancient Tomb

Kephisos Valley (Ancient Limos - Life Eater)

Monster Encampment

Athens Mortuary Grounds
Ancient Tomb
Athens Marsh (Lernean Hydra)

Athenian Battleground

VI. City of Athens


The Parthenon

Athens Catacombs - Level 1

Athens Catacombs - Level 2

Athens Catacombs - Level 3

Athens Catacombs - Level 4

Athens Catacombs - Level 5 (Alastor Scourge of Acheron)

Athens Docks

Knossos Beach

VII. Village of Herakleion

Herakleion Highlands


Tritons Ridge

Natural Cave (Runelord K'kin'zir - Arachnos Hero)
Ancient Tomb (Leucus I - Tyrant of Crete)

Kairatos Bluff

Knossos Palace (Talos - Master Automatoi)

Court of King Minos

Minoan Labyrinth (Minotaur Lord)

Room of the Conduit (Megalesios - Telkine)

Knossos Landing

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