Male Skins VendorsEdit

  1. Fathersquid's Masculine Wares
  2. Jack Sparrow's Toga Variations

1. Fathersquid's Masculine Wares

Male Skins Merchant Summoner
  • Male Skins Merchant Summoner
  • [x 48 Skins]
HeMan-Kelebrimbor21-Maul Nubian-Silver-Demon-Ninja

HeMan's Bat-Dark-Egyptian-Golden-Arms

I Raps'-Thalys-TQ300 Nubian-Burgundy-Paladin

Kelembribor21's CursedWar-Demons-Pharaoh-Revenant

Maul's BlackNinja-BrownSkin-BlackTunic

Maul's Carnival-Demon-GoldTunic-Ninja

Maul's OrtGuards-Ranger-Ninja

IronLore's-Ninja Thalys'-LeatherClothes Madman's-DarkChain

Vorbis'-FurNLeather Raven's-HairyBlack Asylum101's-DementiaKnight

Voodooboi's Bearded-Shaved-SpartanCrimson-ShavedLightBlue

Voodooboi's SpartanTunics-BeardedGray-ShavedGray

Voodooboi's-Mauls-Thalys Tunics-Leather

2. Jack Sparrow's Toga Variations

Male Skins -Recolors-Variations- Merchant Summoner
  • Male Skins [Recolors-Variations] Merchant Summoner
  • [x 34 Skins]
Placeholder Black-Gold-Gray-Slate-Tan-White

Placeholder Brown-Burgendy-Crimson-Orange-Rose

Placeholder Hunter-LightBlue-Olive-Purple-RoyalBlue

The Raven's Hairy Male Brown-Gold-Gray-Tan-White

The Raven's Hairy Male Burgendy-Crimson-Orange-Purple-Rose

The Raven's Hairy Male Hunter-LightBlue-Olive-RoyalBlue-Slate

I Raps'-Thalys-Paladin Maul's-Tunic-Carnival


  • Amulets for all Male Skins summon always 2 merchants:
  1. FatherSquid (male skins),
  2. Jack Sparrow (male variation skins)
  • Since the male player never changes, the male vendors sell the same kind of bottles on the 3 mods.

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