The AllSkins mod is a game enhancement modification on made by lufe and fathersquid from the forums for the Titan Quest: Immortal Throne expansion of the game Titan Quest, allowing the player to choose from dozens of characters which one they want to play with. The original thread where you can contact the developers of this mod for questions is the AllSkins for TQIT thread on the forums

The current version of the mod is 0.8c.

The original game allows only choosing between a single male character and a single female character.

Original toons small

Fig 1: Titan Quest's Original Player Characters

By using AllSkins's gallery of customized skins, you will get characters like these:

AllSkins Sample small

Fig 2: Sample of AllSkin's Skins

  • For a comprehensive list of all skins added by AllSkins, please visit the AllSkins Visual Guide (not updated for 0.8 yet).

Thanking Edit

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