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Anourans are a race of frog-men of various sizes encountered through all the fourth act. Initially they're mostly green and resides on Rhodes, met on the Asomata coastline and later in the swamps surrounding the Tsakonian Ruins. A variation called "Albino Anourans" are met in Hades infesting the Stygian Marsh. Generally speaking, they're not very powerful (though they can be dangerous in numbers) and have the curious habit of randomly panicking and running away when attacked.

Recommended Resistances: Poison, Bleed


  • Pygmies: The smallest anourans, usually equipped with bows or spears. They're the fastest of their breed, but also the weakest. They can be annoying in numbers or along with other bigger ones.
  • Tribesman: The most common types of Anouran, armed with melee weapons or occasionally bows.
  • Shamans: Slightly bigger than their bretherns, they have yellow tattooes on their backs and attack by using magic. Sometimes they'll briefly pause, then cast two possible attacks: 1) Summon a swarm of bugs to harass the player. The swarm is hard to kill, but will vanish if the shaman is killed. 2) Regurgitate several green balls of mucus, dealing poison.
  • Bullfrogs: The biggest Anourans, they're much bigger than the other frog-people and stronger in melee, but they also move slower. They usually wield swords.

Anouran HeroesEdit

  • Chief Hunter Quicktongue ~ Anouran Hero
  • Tribal Shaman Treesilver ~ Anouran Hero
  • Chief Bullfrog Stonefoot ~ Anouran Hero
  • Chief Bullfrog Longbellow ~ Anouran Hero
  • Tribal Shaman Wood-Ear ~ Anouran Hero
  • Chief Bullfrog Tlich Mossback ~ Pale Anouran Hero
  • Chief Bullfrog Gleek the Nimble ~ Pale Anouran Hero
  • Tribal Shaman Schlilsh Toadskin ~ Pale Anouran Hero

Special Items and EquipmentEdit

Anourans will occasionally drop certain pieces of armor, for both warrior classes and spell-casters. Sometimes they can drop rare weapons, including the Thorn Bow, the Schillish Skinner (sword) and the Mbtuni Bearer (? Spear)