Arachne is a large Arachnos boss. She is encountered in the Olive Grove, guarding a hoard of treasure and the Sacred Olive Branch.


Arachne has three abilities.

  • Sword Swing - Her normal melee attack. Physical Damage
  • Spider Summon - Summons small, weak spiders to attack you. Physical Damage
  • Poison Bomb - Lobs a poison bomb at you, similar to Poison Gas Bomb. Creates a cloud of poison upon explosion. Poison Damage


Important resistances:

  • Poison

Arachne is a relatively easy boss. Her normal sword attack is fairly weak, and her spiders also deal very little damage and die very easily. The only attack of Arachne that makes her problematic is her Poison Bomb attack, which deals very high amounts of damage in a small radius, similar to the Rogue Mastery's Poison Gas Bomb, however due to its small radius it is very easy to avoid, and with high poison resistance, the poison deals very little damage.

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