Artifacts are special items that are placed in a special new slot on your character. They grant special bonuses to your character on top of the ones already granted by your previous equipment. Finding an artifact is hard (they drop very rarely compared to other items in the game), but you can create one if you find an Enchanter you can ask him to make you one.

For the Enchanter to create one for you, you will need a recipe (Arcane Formula) though. With the Arcane Formula, the correct amount of money and the reagents, the Enchanter will create the Artifact for you.

They come in three types: lesser, greater and divine. Greater artifacts normally requires lesser artifacts as ingredients and divine artifacts normally requires greater artifacts.

Some greater artifacts and most divine ones grants the wearer a specific skill, that are activated in three ways:

  • On attack: have a chance to activate when you attack.
  • When near death: always activate when you are low on life
  • On hit: have a chance to activate when you're hit

All of these skills have a cooldown timer, most of them very long, so they won't activate that often.

Requires: Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

List of ArtifactsEdit

Lesser Artifacts (36): Amber Flask, Bloodrage, Chaos Cube, Cinderbolt, Crystal Tear, Dark Core, Deathrattle, Earthen Talisman, Ebony Globe, Effigy of the Panther, Emerald Quill, Etheral Veil, Jade Idol, Leafsong, Maiden's Kiss, Molten Orb, Nexus of Insanity, Pale Moon, Phylactery of Shadows, Raven's Shadow, Razor Claw, Scroll of Oneiros, Shroud of Eternal Night, Silverheart, Skyfire Pendant , Song of the Serpent, Soul Shiver, Spirit Blight, Star Heart, Summoner's Totem, Sunstone, Thunderfist, Tome of Transfiguration, Tongue of Flame, Touch of the Fool, Wraithguard

Greater Artifacts (22): Arcane Mirror, Blood Gem, Book of Dreams, Conqueror's Mark, Crimson Viper, Dragontongue, Druidic Wreath, Effigy of Skyfire, Elemental Rage, Eye of the Heavens, Final Breath, Fury of the Ages, Glorybringer, Hand of Gaia, Heart of Earth, Kingslayer, Lionheart, Shadow Veil, Soul Prism, Sphere of Eternity, Symbol of the Polymath, Tyrant's Fist

Divine Artifacts (17): Blood of Ares, Crescent Moon of Artemis, Crosier of Osiris, Demeter's Bounty, Eye of Ra, Golden Eye of Sun Wukong, Ikon of Zeus, Knot of Isis, Lyre of Apollo, Marduk's Tablet of Destiny, Might of Hephaestus, Morpheus' Dreamweb, Poseidon's Net, Sigil of Bast, Star of Ishtar, Talisman of the Jade Emperor, Thoth's Glory

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