Bandari - Terra Cotta Sorcerer


Bandari is a secondary quest boss located in the Chang'an Masoleum. He is a medium difficulty boss.


Bandari's standard staff attack does a random elemental damage type, although it's usually fire. He also has two different pink rays. The first pink ray simply stuns you and deals some damage, while the second pink ray forms an eruption under you, like the Earth Mastery skill.


Important Resistances:

  • Elemental (Fire, Lightning, and Cold)
  • Stun

NOTE: It's important to get all elemental resistances for this fight. Fire, however, is your priority, due to the eruption skill. When he lifts his staff into the air, he's about to cast a pink ray. Avoid them! You don't know if it will stun you or cause an eruption. Bandari also has hordes of terra cotta soldiers running around. Luckily there is an easy counter. Bandari will be waiting at the top of the stairs, and will teleport away as you move into melee range. Then clear out the terra cottas in that area. Then proceed forward. Repeat until you corner Bandari against the far wall.

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