• Socsoocbdsb

    Come check out Minotaur plus friends wiki, my greek mythology fanfic wiki. The adress is:

    PS: comment if you want me to do egypt too!

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  • DreadmistX


    October 12, 2012 by DreadmistX


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  • DreadmistX

    Favourite Mastery

    August 19, 2012 by DreadmistX

    I just asking, what are your favourite masteries in TQIT. I'm fond of the Warfare, Rogue and Nature Mastery the most. Although I love all of the 9 masteries, but I especially love these 3.

    I think, the Rogue is the deadliest mastery in the game, high pierce, bleeding, poison damage, and +% Damage bonuses.

    So, what are your favourite masteries? and Why?

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  • Socsoocbdsb

    this is a chart of how storm wisps turn into thundercloud dwellers,flame wisps into core dwellers,ect.

    storm: storm wisps, lightning sprites, thunder sprites, thundercloud dwellers.

    fire: flame wisps, fire sprites, magma sprites, core dwellers.

    ice: frost wisps, ice sprites, rime sprites, arctic dwellers.

    wind: gust wisps, wind sprites, zephyr sprites, twister dwellers.

    earth: dust wisps, ground sprite, mud sprites, earth dwellers.

    water: pond wisps, lake sprites, sea sprites, ocean dwellers.

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  • Socsoocbdsb

    my eurynomus

    April 2, 2012 by Socsoocbdsb

    sizes:small:bone picker sized.large: corpse monger sized.giant: minotaur sized.

    greece: Bone picker:small,yellow

    Corpse monger:large,black

    egypt:Flesh eater:small,black




    flesh monger:large,green

    olympus 1: no eurynomus are in this location

    hades:undead bonepicker:small,skeleton

    undead corpse monger:large,skeleton

    Olympus 2:cloud eater:small,whiteish-blue

    mist chewer:small,fluffy,white

    mist monger:large,white

    olympic monger:large,gold

    skeleton chewer:giant,yellow

    godly monger:giant,goldish-white

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