Weapons are what you use to fight Monsters. There are one-handed weapons and two-handed weapons. The former will allow you to use shields but won't hit as hard as the latter, which don't allow shields.

Weapon TypesEdit

  • Swords: The fastest melee weapon and also the least damaging, though it can do piercing damage. Swords have low requirements, so even spell-casters shouldn't have trouble using them.
  • Axes: The balanced melee weapon for both damage, speed and requirements.
  • Maces: The slowest melee weapon, but also the most damaging. Since it's blunt, it can't be used for skills which requires a sharp weapon like a spear or a sword.
  • Spears: Slow hitting but powerful hunting weapon, capable of piercing armor. It's the best weapon for hunters and other hunter-related classes, as they have a whole skill tree based on spearmanship and can increase the attack rate. You can use a shield along with the spear, but you can't dual wield weapons.
  • Bows: Distance weapon for warrior classes, it's slow but does piercing damage. Again, the Hunter's skill Marksmanship and its synergies can greatly improve the speed and efficiency of the arrows.
  • Staves: Projectile weapons for spell-casters, they can shoot fire, ice or electrical bullets. They're slow but usually deal lots of damage.

Weapon MaterialsEdit

- Copper

- Iron

- Bronze

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