These are the available classes in Underlord Mod with revamped and balanced mastery-trees.

The new class-names are in bold.

Masteries Storm Defense Nature Hunting Occult Dream Spirit Warfare Earth
Storm Stormcaller Archon Druid Sage Arcanist Prophet Dreadweaver Tempest Elementalist
Defense Archon Defender Barbarian Hoplite Executioner Overseer Dreadnaught Conqueror Juggernaut
Nature Druid Barbarian Wanderer Ranger Trickster Ritualist Shaman Nomad Geomancer
Hunting Sage Hoplite Ranger Hunter Stalker Haruspex Bone Charmer Slayer Avenger
Occult Arcanist Executioner Trickster Stalker Occultist Cabalist Warlock Assassin Magician
Dream Prophet Overseer Ritualist Haruspex Cabalist Seer Diabolist Harbinger Evoker
Spirit Dreadweaver Dreadnaught Shaman Bone Charmer Warlock Diabolist Necromancer Revenant Conjurer
Warfare Tempest Conqueror Nomad Slayer Assassin Harbinger Revenant Warrior Battlemage
Earth Elementalist Juggernaut Geomancer Gaian Marauder Chthonian Delver Battlemage Pyromancer

NOTE: Occult Mastery is the revamped and balanced version of Rogue Mastery, which contains Black Magic along with rogue skills.

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