Charon - The Ferryman of the Styx

Charon - The Ferryman of the Styx (Undead) is a Quest Boss Monster, who's location is the Unfinished Bridge.

Unique Skills:

  • Summon Spirits: Summon three Spirit Shades (Fallen Warriors) to fight for Charon. They do a lot of bleeding damage.
  • Aqua Ball: Call a Water Ball, which contains spirits from the skies. When it lands, it causes high damage.
  • River Rise!: Charon rises water from the river. If you step into the water pillar, you will suffer high damage. Look out!

When you killed Charon, he will transform into a flying creature. They wield the Quest Item - Charon's Oar only.

Unique Skills:

  • Holy Aqua Wave: summons a wave, which contains spirit and water.
  • Crying Water: When he cries out, he stomps the ground. It deals a lot of damage and also stuns you for a few seconds.
  • River Rise!