Clubs refer to any of the various types of crushing weapons throughout Titan Quest. Clubs are one kind of weapon. The others are swords, axes, spears, bows and staffs. Clubs, like axes, have no intelligence requirement, minimal agility requirement and a great strength requirement. As of such, it is possible to wield almost any club if you have put all attribute points into strength, simply by the bonus given through putting skill points into your skill.

The first club you come across in the game is the torch. Later, maces, mauls, bludgeons, and warhammers can be found. They, like all equipment, come in either broken (marked by grey font as its name), basic (white), magical (yellow), rare (green), epic (blue), or legendary (purple).

Comparison Edit

Club-type weapons are slow in comparison to Swords and Axes, and usually faster than Spears. However, unlike spears, clubs do no Pierce Damage. Clubs make up for their lack in speed by having a high base damage.

Skills that require a club Edit

The Concussive Blow passive skill in the Defense Mastery requires a club-type weapon to be wielded in order for the passive skill to have a chance to occur.

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