Hello, I'm ShellBeat. I like to play Titan Quest (or TQ) and a lot of other games. In this guide ill Show you how I build a Conqueror- You can play Conqueror by taking Warrior and Defender classes. Before I will talk about it, I must say- In my build i take no active abilities, I take only passive abilities, or how i call it- Left Clicking build. First of all: take the defense mastery once you are level 2. If you are going to take maces,max Councussive Blow which is the lowest on the left at defense mastery (Tip: you can choose this point if you haven't bought or found a mace). After that the best thing to do is to take Armor Handling, one of the best point in the game for such low level. Less requirement for armor and shields will is awsome and the armor absorption is very good. Max it out. After that go for Adrenaline or take Mastery points untill you get level 8 and then take Warrior mastery. Leave the defense tree for now and come back to it later. Max the Weapon Training at the Warrior mastery, and then max the Dual Wield. If you didn't took maces, take whatever weapons you want, but maces are the strongest (but slowest) weapons, and if you took Councussive Blow they can stun. Then you will need to choose: more at Warfare tree, or you will take the Defense tree (Note: you can regret at any time but focusing on one will give you much more of this tree. You can take them both like- One level Defense and one Warfare but i do not recommend it). If you go on Defensive, max Adrenaline and take Resilience. Defensive Reaction is good, it is not a "must have" ability. After you have finished Adrenaline and Resilience, you can go for Warfare Mastery. If you go on Warfare Mastery, take Hew. It is you're choice if to skip Cross Cut or take it anyway. I prefer not to take Cross Cut because Tumult has the same chanse to be used, more arc of attack, more bleeding damage and stun. If you take Cross Cut, you can deal with a lot of enemies much better at earlier stages of the game (Even More Coming Soon!!!!).

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