Djinni are first encountered early on in Act III within ice caverns and occasionally outside in the snowy peaks. They are worthy adversaries, especially the Corpulent Djinn, as their melee attacks deal quite a hunk of damage for the ill-armored player. They resemble a morbidly obese floating ghost woman. Don't ask.

The blue Djinns are somewhat weaker than their green-skinned Corpulent adversaries. Djinni can cast a basic ranged Vitality Damage spell on one target, and can also cast Squall.

 Djinn Variants Edit

  • Djinn: Uses dual melee weapons, can cast ranged spells.
  • Corpulent Djinn: Much more powerful than the regular Djinn, deals lots of damage in melee range.

Djinni are almost always in the company of Ice Sprites in which case they should be focused down first as they will do quite a bit of damage if ignored. They drop two swords and the occasional Demon's Blood.

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