Dbs are just plain text files. Each dbr has a series of fields which are name-value pairs. In a dbr file the fields are specified as


name,value, name2,value2, name4array,val1;val2;val3, etc...


In unix(linux) there are a great many tools to operate on text files. To find all files in a directory that contain a certain text string, you can use grep. If you want to recursively scan files in subdirectories, grep takes a "-r" flag to specify that behavior. A TQmodding example of grep:


grep -v "Records/Creature/Monster/Satyr/" SOME_DIRECTORY


if SOME_DIRECTORY has tons of dbrs in, like an extracted database.arz folder, then you can find all the dbrs that reference other dbrs from the satyr directory.

--next comes TQTool--

will add to this soon, please bear with me (March 1 2009)

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