The Embalmed Dead are mummified undead encountered in various tombs and ruins in Egypt (Act II). They have the same look and stats as the Desiccated Dead and usually appear in mixed groups with them.

Variants Edit

  • Soldiers are standard melee fighters usually wearing no armor.
  • Archers are standard ranged fighters using bows. They sometimes wear pieces of armor.
  • Brigands are more powerful archers firing plague arrows and usually wearing armor.
  • Guardians are very powerful melee fighters dual-wielding flame-enchanted swords and wearing heavy armor. They have a flame-enchanting aura and, when killed for the first time, they become a flame-enchanted red skeleton with their health fully restored.
  • Adepts are magic users and ranged fighters, encountered in the Great Sphinx
  • Priests are more powerful spellcaster and ranged fighters, sometimes wearing a special Exhumed Armor and an Exhumed Headdress. They have a Deathchill Aura surrounding them, slowing down melee attackers and decreasing their life within a small radius. When a priest is killed, a Shade emerges from it.

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