This condition is fired if you exit a bounding volume. Its counterpart is Enter bounding volume


ITIcon [1] DateBaseRecord (dbr): The .dbr file of a BoundingVolume template class.
TQIcon [1] Entity (dbr): The .dbr file of a BoundingVolume template class.
Not (boolean):
Resetable (boolean): If this is set to true, the trigger can be refired by the condition after the game has been exited to the main menu and then restarted.

Properties with no symbol are availible in TQ and IT. Properties with ITIcon are only availible in IT. Properties with TQIcon are only availible in TQ.

Fairytale messagebox critical Exiting the bounding volume via teleporter (Hotkey L) does not fire the event.

To be on the safe side, set resettable to true. Then the condition is fired after the player teleports back and leaves the bounding volume normally.

Icons-mini-arrow left The complete list of possible conditions

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