This action fires skills for scripted scenes. This action is also the key action for using henchmens in your quests.


AllowInterruptions (boolean):
ITIcon [1] DelayTime (number): time in seconds
Location (dbr):
QuestSkill (boolean):
Skill (dbr): reference here the skill that is fired.
Source (dbr):
Target (boolean):
UseActionTarget (boolean):

Properties with no symbol are availible in TQ and IT. Properties with ITIcon are only availible in IT. Properties with TQIcon are only availible in TQ.

Fairytale messagebox info Henchmens for Quest:

You will need this action for two steps if you want to use it with henchmens.

1. Summoning Properties
Location: reference here a QuestLoction dbr where your pet/henchman is summoned
QuestSkill: set it to true
Skill: reference here your summoning quest skill
UseActionTarget: set it to true

2. Release Properties
QuestSkill: set it to true
Skill: reference following records/xpack/skills/quest skills/releasequestpetsskill.dbr

Fairytale messagebox info Adding New Skills:

If you are planning to add new skills, your new skill will not be properly embed in the game unless you tell the game that there is a new skill to the list of those already present.

You need to import and add a line in this file : /records/xpack/skills/scroll skills/scrollskilltree2.dbr

At this end of the file, add your skill dbr and its minimum level, it will be an entry like this :

skillName# : npc\rivescheol\invok_skill_demonblanc.dbr
skillLevel# : 1

Many thanks to Mostal for this apparently simple but crucial tip! It will save you a lot of pain and trial & error testing!

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