A Warden, fighting with Formicids.

Formicids are insects that can be found in Act IV, the Underworld.

These antmen are first encountered on Rhodes in the caverns leading to the Tsakonian Ruins. Later, Pale Formicids are encountered in various places in Hades, though overall they behave in the same way as their surface cousins.


  • Soldier: The base Formicid soldiers, they're usually equipped with melee weapons. Soldiers usually charge at the player, sometimes after doing a little taunt that allows the player to shoot them down from afar.
  • Captain/Caporal: The strongest melee Formicids, they have Dual Wield and Onslaught, which makes them much more dangerous in combat, as they're usually followed by a large number of soldiers.
  • Priestess/High Priestess: The casters of the Formicids, these monsters attack from far away using lightning attacks, alternating between a stunning thunder sphere and a stream of lightning. However, their attacks are slow, as such it's possible to move out of the way in time by looking at the priestess' movements. They don't carry weapons, but have a different set of items than the warriors.

Special and Rare ItemsEdit

Both male and female Formicids drop a special type of armor. Warriors may drop a rare axe called "Myrmidon's Sting".

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