The Gorgon Queens are Boss Monsters encountered in the Pythian Caves in mid to late Greece (Act I). They belong to the Beastman category and are the first Gorgons you encounter in the game. Defeating them is mandatory to progress with the main quest. In their lair you will also find a Majestic Chest and Feiyan, an agent of the Order of Prometheus.

As you move into the lair, the large doors will be sealed. However, you will have plenty of room to run around and there are even some safe spots within the lair. The southern door will open again after you have defeated the three Gorgon Queens, while northern door will open after you have talked to Feiyan, who's standing next to the northern gate.

Medusa, Sstheno and Euryale are the rulers of the gorgon race and are the most powerful of the gorgons.


  • Medusa (center) uses a fire-enchanted bow and occassionally casts Petrify, slow-moving pink projectiles, which turn the player into stone for a few seconds.
  • Euryale (right) uses a cold-enchanted bow and has the ability to heal her sisters.
  • Sstheno (left) wields a spear and uses poison attacks to temporarily slow down the hero.

The Gorgon Queens have medium resistance to Poison Damage and, like all bosses, they are very resistant/immune to Stun and Freeze attacks. They also wear special pieces of Gorgon archer armor and have a chance to drop the sought-after Stonebinder's Cuffs.


Important Resistances:

  • Piercing - all Gorgons Queens use weapons which deal part pierce damage.
  • Poison/Fire/Cold (in that order of priority) - to reduce damage taken from their particular weapon enchantments.

This is the first time you'll be facing multiple bosses at once. However, they move very slow and the lair offers a lot of space for you to run around and even some safe spots for your hero to rest - just move to the southern edge and they should return to their starting positions.

If you have troubles fighting the Queens all at once, try to seperate one from the others and fight her individually - this way they are much less of a threat.

  1. Euryale can heal the other two Gorgon Queens, so she should be focused on first. You can try to lure her away from the others by approaching her from the southern passage. She is also the Gorgon Queen with the lowest amount of HP and resistances.
  2. Sstheno's poison attacks do a lot of damage and will also slow you down, so she should be the next one to go for. This will make the fight against the final Queen, Medusa, much easier.
  3. Medusa's special attack is her petrifying gaze, which turns you to stone for a few seconds, rendering you helpless against any attacks. However, she casts it only every 10 seconds or so and the slow-moving projectiles are usually easy to avoid even for melee heroes, once you have learned the patterns and animation sequences.

Notes Edit

  • Originally, Sstheno and Euryale where supposed to use the Petrify attack as well, but this skill was disabled for both of them, most likely for balancing reasons. Also, the three Queens have another now-disabled skill, which would have allowed them to summon a few regular Gorgon Guards or Archers to assist them.