By this tool, you can group items or actors placed in your levels. There is a variety of group types available. The order in which they are presented by the tool is quite random:

  • Patrol Points
  • Respawn Shrine
  • Unified Proxies
  • Terracotta Warriors
  • Bandari Teleport Points
  • Unique Proxies
  • NPC Wanderers
  • Any Entity
  • Decorations
  • Patrollers
  • Wander Points
  • Bandari
  • Proxy Patrollers
  • Teleport Shrine
  • Monsters And Weapons

How to make a new groupEdit

In the right-hand pane, click 'New'. A new group will appear in the Group List, called, surprisingly, 'New Group'. It will be highlighted in the list. As long as the group is highlighted, you can edit the Group Properties. Each group needs a distinguishing name and a group type. Edit those properties before doing anything else.

How to add items or actors to a groupEdit

While the group is selected and highlighted in the Group List, left-click on the item you wish to add to the group. The item will be outlined by a red box to show it is a member of the group. The dbr of the item will be listed in the Current Group pane (bottom right). Multiple group members will be connected by red lines, and a red dot will be seen where those lines meet (in case of a single group member, the dot is on that item).

When you deselect the group, the red markers will become black.

The tool will not let you choose inappropriate items for your group. For instance, into a Proxy Patroller group you can only select proxies.

How to link groupsEdit

Some of the group types work only in conjunction with others.

  • NPC Wanderers need Wander Points
  • Patrollers or Proxy Patrollers need Patrol Points
  • Bandari need Bandari Teleport Points

After you have made the two corresponding groups, select the group of actors. Activate the check box 'Link Mode'. With link mode active, click on the central dot of the group of points (which will be black, as that group is not selected). To show the two groups are now linked to a functioning whole, a blue arrow will appear pointing from the red dot of the actor group to the black dot of the points group.


In order to make respawn shrines and teleporter shrines function in-game, they must be added to the corresponding groups. There must be just one group of respawn shrines and one of teleporter shrines in your mod.

Whereas respawn shrines will work after simply being added to their group, teleporter shrines will need a lot of other preparations.

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