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Hades is the final boss of Titan Quest - Immortal Throne. He is fought at the very end of Act IV. Killing him completes the game and unlocks a new difficulty: Epic or Legendary with new challenges.

Hades has a small chance (approx. 8 - 10%) to drop The Overlord. It's the key for one of the Immortal Throne's Easter Eggs, the Secret Passage.

Even though he is fought much later in the game than Typhon, Hades is easier to defeat mainly due to his attacks dealing only one type of damage. He also does not spam instant-kill abilties.

Recommended resistances: Vitality (at least 50%, though then you would have to be careful), Stun (not required, but might help). Rumor has it Bleeding resistance is useful too, but if it's true, you can ignore it on Normal difficulty.

The fight with Hades has three phases:

  • The first phase is de facto the most hazardous, because Hades can unexpectedly drop Death Ball on your head, which means instant death. Luckily, he does not appear to cast it often and if you have good dps you can avoid it entirely. He will not cast Death Ball against players outside of melee range.
  • The second phase commences when you bring Hades to 50% health. When that happens, Hades conjures armor made of bone and sprouts tentacles from his right arm. He can no longer kill you instantly with Death Ball, instead he gains access to Black Vortex.
  • The third phase begins when Hades dies. When his corporeal form is destroyed, Hades transforms into a spectral form and gains several new abilities. Although he has much more health than during the previous phases combined, this phase is the easiest as he can no longer one-shot you with Death Ball, nor deal huge damage with Black Vortex.


In addition to his unique skills, during Phases 1 and 2 Hades attacks with his scythe. During Phase 3 he casts energy bolts. All of Hades' attacks deal vitality damage.

  • Death Ball: an instant death ability only used in Phase 1 before Hades conjures his bone armor. It either deals colossal damage against which no amount of any resistance can protect, or is scripted to always kill the target no matter what. Death Ball is a small, bloody red sphere that Hades drops from his left hand. This ability has a distinct casting animation and can be avoided if you react quickly. Hades seemingly does not use it against targets out of melee range.
  • Black Vortex: a swirling whirlwind of doom, cast only during Phase 2. Inflicts high vitality damage that can be survived with high resistance, but not moving out of the vortex will eventually cause death. On Normal difficulty the damage seems to be along the lines of 300-400 per tick with about 70% vitality resistance. It is possible to defeat Hades fast enough to avoid him casting Black Vortex. When Hades raises his scythe, it is the signal to start running away. The vortex disappears after a while.
  • Unholy Nova: an omni-directional energy wave that deals medium-high damage and stuns. This ablity has somewhat of a long cast time and can be easily dodged even by melee classes. Cast only in Phase 3.
  • Soul Grenades: Hades throws several medium-sized energy spheres in random directions, which explode upon hitting the ground, releasing a number of small missiles from each sphere. The missiles travel in straight lines. This attack has quite a long cast time. The large spheres deal noticeable damage, but are not difficult to avoid. The small missiles can be harder to dodge due to their numbers, but the damage is not high. Hades uses Soul Grenades only during Phase 3 and only if the player is not within melee range.
  • Wave of Souls: a powerful shockwave that stuns in addition to dealing similar damage to Unholy Nova. Used only in Phase 3.

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