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Harpy concept art.

Harpies are beast creatures encountered in various regions throughout Greece (Act I). They look like women with bird wings and often form smaller groups gathered around a Bone Pile. They are melee attackers with moderate movement speed and low health. All variants can drop the Pristine Plumage monster charm.

Harpies are also known by other names in other regions. There's the Bloodwing, the Sandwing, and the Desert Hag.

Types Edit

  • Hag. Basic melee attacker.
  • Crone. Slightly stronger variant, which activates a lightning enchantment aura before engaging in battle. The aura affects any nearby creatures, including Crows and other beasts.
  • Witch. Most powerful variant with a ranged lightning attack and the ability to cast Squall.

Harpy BossEdit

Heroes Edit