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The Helos Woods is a region in Greece (Act I), where you will find and fight the Satyr Shaman from the main quest A Troubled Village.


You will enter this region from the Helos Farmland, which lies to the south. Near the entrance you'll always find a chest holding three Lesser Health Potions. Progress to the north to find the Shaman's camp.

Before engaging the Shaman, try to take out the other Satyrs - this will make the first 'boss fight' a little easier. There are also always two Shrines in the camp: The red shrines immediately restore full health, the pink ones create a regenration aura around the shrine, which lasts for 60 seconds and quickly regenerates health.

The Dark Satyr - Shaman uses fire-enchanted staff attacks and occasionally lobs a fire ball at you. Ranged fighters can try to avoid both of them. After defeating the shaman, loot the chest and return to the Village of Helos  to speak to Diomedes to complete the first main quest.

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