The inventory is where your character's items are stored.

Inventory Bags Edit

When completing certain parts of the main quest line, additional inventory bags (each with a size of 8x5) are rewarded:

  1. from Timon in Megara (Greece), as a reward for completing The Words of the Oracle
  2. from Kyros in the Room of the Conduit (Greece), after defeating the first Telkine, as a reward for completing Under the Labyrinth
  3. from Feiyan in the Temple of Marduk (Orient), after defeating the Chimera, for completing The Sickle of Kronos (she's leaning to the northern wall of the room after the Chimera's lair).

Caravan and Auto Sort Edit

Titan Quest: Immortal Throne adds some new features to a character's inventory:

  • Caravan Drivers are NPCs, who offer additional storage space and the possibility to transfer items between different characters. The additional storage space can be expanded twice, by paying a certain amount of gold to the Caravan Driver.
  • Auto Sort buttons will rearrange items in the players inventory section in either a vertical or a horizontal manner.