Jackalmen are a type of monster found in many regions in Egypt (Act II). They are Beastmen and bear some similarity to Satyrs or Ratman in Greece. In general, Jackalman are easy prey. Their magic users have some sort of 'chain-healing' spell they occasionally cast, thereby healing all nearby warriors.

Larger groups of Jackalman can be encountered in or near the following locations: Rhakotis Slums, Rhakotis Library, Village of Sais, The Lower Nile, Sobek Plateau, Canyon of Isis.

Base Types Edit

  • Archer: Fairly easy kill; uses bow as it is a ranged attacker.
  • Soldier: Most commonly encountered; it uses a sword, club or mace as it is a melee attacker.
  • Beserker: Dual-wielding melee fighter with orange skin. Usually quite substantially more difficult than other types of jackalman.
  • Acolyte: Basic magic user and ranged attacker, can cast mass-heal.
  • Adept: Slightly better magic user and ranged attacker, can cast mass-heal.
  • Shaman: Powerful magic user and ranged attacker, can cast mass-heal.

The warrior types also have two upgrades and then are called Veterans (stronger) or Elites (strongest).

Jackalman Heroes Edit

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