Kills the creature X. You must specify the .dbr file of the creature you want dead, and it must be unique, not duplicated.

If you need more of those creatures, make many copies of the same creature and rename them, but use a unique name for the one you specify in the quest, and place it only once.

A creature is only killable if it is of the monster template class (see creature records) and it needs a dying animation.


CanReFire (bool)
CreatureDatabaseRecord (dbr) The creature that should be killed.

Fairytale messagebox info Creating a Battlefield:

To create a battlefield with a large amount of dead soldiers lying around. You can create only one dbr file of your soldier with random equipment and place it several times on your map. Then you need only one kill creature action, to kill them all.

Icons-mini-arrow left The complete list of possible actions

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