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Laconia is one of the first regions in Greece (Act I), leading from the Village of Helos in the west to Laconia Woods in the east.

There are two larger Satyr encampments in Laconia, one to the south-west and one to the north-east. You will also often find shrines near the encampments - make use of them. To the east you will find the "roadside cave" mentioned in the side quest Monstrous Brigands you got from Nicostratus when leaving Helos. Two Satyr Trappers stand guard in front of it and will retreat into the cave when you approach it (you can take them out using a bow, through).

Natural Cave: There are some Satyrs on the first floor of the cave. Follow down the stairs in the north-western corner to get to the second part of the cave. Here you will find more Satyrs, including some with a white glow around them - these are Quest Monsters and need to be defeated to progress with the associated quest (in this case, with Monstrous Brigands). The four Satyrs where guarding the lost shepherd, Tellis. Talk to him to complete the side quest and get a reward (300 experience, random magical ring/necklace). There's also a chest standing next to him, usally holding some magical equipment.

Leave the cave and progress further to the east to find a Rebirth Fountain and the passage to Laconia Woods.

People in Laconia Edit

  • Tellis ~ Young Shepherd stands on the second floor of the cave. Talking to him completes the sidequest Monstrous Brigands.

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Background Edit

Laconia is actually a region in south-western Greece and part of the Peloponnese peninsula. In Ancient Greece, it was ruled by the Spartans. The word "laconic" (to speak in a concise way) is derived from the name of this region, as the Spartans were reputed by the Athenians to do. (Wikipedia: Laconia).

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