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Laconia Hills is a region in early Greece (Act I), leading from Laconia Woods in the south-west to Spartan Road in the north-west.


You enter this region from the south-western mountain pass, which is also where you will find the Satyr champion from the Medicines Waylaid quest. After defeating him, don't forget to head back to Euphadimus at the region's entrance for your reward.

There are two Satyr encampments in this region. In the eastern area you will meet a man named Theages, standing next to his broken cart. He will give you the fourth side quest, The Lost Dowry, telling you, that demons attacked his cart and had stolen a dowry necklace. You will find the demons in a cave located a little to the north-east of the man.

The cave is inhabited by small demons called Eurynomus and by Cave Bats. There is also sometimes a shrine at the cave entrance. On the second level of the cave you'll encounter a slightly larger red Eurynomus named Pandarus ~ Thieving Eurynomus - it holds the dowry necklace. Loot the cave, then return the necklace to Theages and get your reward (400 experience, random relic shard).

When you are done in this region, head to the north-east to find a Rebirth Fountain and the bridge to the Spartan Road. Near the bridge you will also meet a wayfarer named Parmenides, who will give you some information on the Spartan War-camp ahead.

People in Laconia Hills Edit

  • Euphadimus ~ Traveler stands near the Rebirth Fountain to the south. Talking to him starts the third side quest, Medicines Waylaid. Talking to him again after defeating the Satyr Champion completes the quest (350 experience, 3x Lesser Health Potion, Health/Energy restored).
  • Theages ~ Spartan Peasant can be found in the eastern area of the region. He will give the side quest The Lost Dowry and returning the Dowry Necklace to him completes it (400 experience, random relic shard).
  • Parmenides ~ Wayfarer stands next to the northern Rebirth Fountain and gives some information on the Spartan war-camp ahead

Monsters in Laconia Hills Edit

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