Laconia Woods is a region in early Greece (Act I), leading from Laconia in the south to both the Abandoned Graveyard and Laconia Hills in the north.


You will encounter Harpies here for the first time. Be cautious with Harpy - Crones, as they have a lightning aura, which adds lightning damage to the attacks of all other creatures in the vicinity as well.

Follow the path to find the entrance to a lumber camp besieged by Satyrs. Within that camp you will find a man attack by two Satyrs. As you approach, the man will try to escape to the south - right into the hands of even more Satyrs. Kill the beastmen (don't worry, the man cannot die), then talk to the man to complete the side quest The Cornered Man (300 experience, 1500 gold).

Leave the lumber camp and progress to the north-east, past the braziers, where you'll have to fight more Satyrs and various beasts.

Euphadimus - Traveler

Euphadimus gives the side quest Medicines Waylaid.

To the north you'll find another Rebirth Fountain and a man named Euphadimus. He is about to bring medicines back to his village Tegea, but the Satyrs, led by 'one of their fierce champions', are blocking the way. Head up the mountain path to the north-east to get to the next region, Laconia Hills, where you'll find the champion. To the west you'll find the Abandoned Graveyard, a small optional area infested with undead.

People in Laconia Woods Edit

  • Lycus ~ Laborer is a man being attack by Satyrs. Talking to him after defeating the Satyrs will complete the side quest The Cornered Man (300 experience, 1500 gold).
  • Euphadimus ~ Traveler stands near the northern Rebirth Fountain. Talking to him starts the third side quest, Medicines Waylaid. Talking to him again after defeating the Satyr Champion completes this quest (350 experience, 3x Lesser Health Potion, Health/Energy restored).

Monsters in Laconia Woods Edit

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