Letter from Beastman Archer #783 is an easter egg that drops from a beastman archer and is a letter written to his mother. It has no purpose other than humor.

Section headingEdit

Dear Mom,

It has been six weeks since heroboy came this way. Susan has been making eyes at me, and I have to admit that I find her quite charming. To be frank, this might partially be because she's the only female satyr I've seen yet in these parts.

On that note, it's appalling to see this kind of rampant sexism within the ranks of the Beastman Army. I'm sure there are plenty of qualfied woman satyrs who would like a shot at military service. Heck, even the name of the organization is sexist! I'm sure the maenads don't appreciate being a part of the BeastMAN Army. As such, I've begun lobbying for a more inclusive name, but have yet to decide on something more suitable. Beastperson Army? Beastpeople Corps? So far my efforts have been met with derision, but I'm confident that I will bring the brass around. They can't afford a lawsuit with all the money they've lost from heroboy opening our chests and stealing all our gold.

I have to go now - our scouts saw heroboy coming on the horizon. Again, thanks for the CARE package. You have no idea how much our guys appreciated the cookies and body armor.


Mark(aka Beastman Archer #783)

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