"Letter to Cleo" is one of the Easter Egg letters in the game, which can be dropped by all of monsters. The letters contain personal problems or stories.

"My darling,

It has been weeks since the troubles came, weeks since I last beheld your beautiful face. I cannot continue this way. We have been separated too long. I pine for your touch. Your sweet lips, like pomegranate wine, are all that I can think of. I am consumed with longing, I burn with the desire to be near you once more.

The village elders do not wish us to leave the village borders, but I can wait no longer. Tonight I shall wait until father is asleep, then sneak under cover of darkness to your home in Rhodes. Please be waiting for me -- I will throw pebbles at your window so that you know when I've arrived.

With all the love my heart can bear,


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