"Letter to Mummy" is one of the Easter Egg letters in the game, which can be dropped by all kinds of monsters. The letters contain personal problems or stories.

Dear Mummy,

Camp has been great. I've earned lots of merit badges, and Mr. Smithicus told me I was better at Bandaging and First Aid than anyone he's ever seen! We also get to see a guest speaker every Wednesday. You should come - then everyone can see that I'm related to a famous wrapper!

The food is awful, though. They don't know how to cook a decent meal for us undead folk. I wish someone would make the chefs urn their keep. Really, it's a pretty grave situation altogether. In fact, yesterday something on my plate MOVED! I was really crypt out!

Anyway, enough about me. How are you doing down there in the land of sunshine and monoliths? Still making money off that pyramid scheme? Keep it up, and you'll be Set for life!

Abedju Farewell,

Puniti the Unshriven, Jr.

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