An oversight of all the masteries.

Masteries are special skills that can aid the Hero in battle. Masteries allow the player to add special bonuses and effects to their weapons (such as poison and confusion), give them damage boosts or health/energy boosts for some time, or summon pets that can aid them in battle. You can choose your first mastery when your Hero reaches level 2, and your second one when it reaches level 8.

The mastery interface Edit

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A screenshot of the mastery interface. The shown mastery is the dream mastery.

You can open your mastery interface by clicking on the book in the menu with a S on it, or simply press S on your keyboard. Every time you gain a level, you get 3 skill points that you can spend on various skills.

The big column on the left side of the interface is the Tier meter, and the foundation of every mastery. Every time you put a point in it, your basic stats will rise (Intelligence, Strength and dexterity), which will allow you to deal more damage. If you put enough points in the Tier meter, new and more powerful skills will unlock.

You can also spend your points on the actual skills. There are two sorts of skills: active skills, which require activation via hotkeys (you can adress them to the hotkeys bar at the bottom of your screen by right-clicking on it), and passive skills that will activate when your Hero is battling. You can put more points in a single skill, so that they will become powerful, and some skills can only unlock when you've activated a lower-tier skill that is related to the skill.

Classes Edit

Titan Quest assigns your character a class as soon as you choose a skill mastery, which indicates your talents. If you decide to chose a second mastery, your class will also change.

Dream Mastery [Immortal Throne Only]

   Single Profession: Seer
   + Storm Mastery: Prophet
   + Earth Mastery: Evoker
   + Warfare Mastery: Harbinger
   + Spirit Mastery: Diviner
   + Defense Mastery: Templar
   + Nature Mastery: Ritualist
   + Hunting Mastery: Haruspex
   + Rogue Mastery: Dreamkiller

Storm Mastery

   Single Profession: Stormcaller
   + Earth Mastery: Elementalist
   + Warfare Mastery: Thane
   + Spirit Mastery: Oracle
   + Defense Mastery: Paladin
   + Nature Mastery: Druid
   + Hunting Mastery: Sage
   + Rogue Mastery: Sorcerer

Earth Mastery

   Single Profession: Pyromancer
   + Warfare Mastery: Battlemage
   + Spirit Mastery: Conjurer
   + Defense Mastery: Juggernaut
   + Nature Mastery: Summoner
   + Hunting Mastery: Avenger
   + Rogue Mastery: Magician

Warfare Mastery

   Single Profession: Warrior
   + Spirit Mastery: Spellbreaker
   + Defense Mastery: Conqueror
   + Nature Mastery: Champion
   + Hunting Mastery: Slayer
   + Rogue Mastery: Assassin

Spirit Mastery

   Single Profession: Theurgist
   + Defense Mastery: Spellbinder
   + Nature Mastery: Soothsayer
   + Hunting Mastery: Bone Charmer
   + Rogue Mastery: Warlock

Defense Mastery

   Single Profession: Defender
   + Nature Mastery: Guardian
   + Hunting Mastery: Warden
   + Rogue Mastery: Corsair

Nature Mastery

   Single Profession: Wanderer
   + Hunting Mastery: Ranger
   + Rogue Mastery: Illusionist

Hunting Mastery

   Single Profession: Hunter
   + Rogue Mastery: Brigand

Rogue Mastery

   Single Profession: Rogue

The masteries Edit

Tiers Edit

  • Tier 1 - unlocked with 1 mastery point
  • Tier 2 - unlocked with 4 mastery points
  • Tier 3 - unlocked with 10 mastery points
  • Tier 4 - unlocked with 16 mastery points
  • Tier 5 - unlocked with 24 mastery points
  • Tier 6 - unlocked with 32 mastery points

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