Euphadimus - Traveler

Euphadimus is worried about a Satyr champion blocking his way back home.

Medicines Waylaid is the third side quest in Greece (Act I). You will get this quest from Euphadimus, a traveler encountered in northern Laconia Woods (or southern Laconia Hills). He will tell you that he is about to bring medicines back to his home village, Tegea, but Satyrs, led by 'one of their fierce champions', have blocked the mountain path.

You will find the Satyr champion (a Satyr Brute) on the mountain path leading to Laconia Hills. He's not very tough, but he often uses a fire aura to enhance the attacks of his nearby brethren with extra fire damage. If you find yourself taking too much damage in this fight, either kill off the minions first or lure the Brute away from the others.

When you have defeated the champion, return to Euphadimus to get your reward.

Reward: 350 Experience, 3x Lesser Health Potion, Health and Energy Restored

Notes Edit

  • Euphadimus speaks of a strange illness in his home village Tegea. You will pass through this village sometime later and receive another side quest there dealing with that illness.

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