Map of Memphis

Memphis is a city in Egypt (Act II). Here you meet with Imhotep after retrieving the Scroll of Invocation and will progress with the main quest, ultimately leading you back to Memphis again and from there to Thebes. There are also three side quests given in the Memphis area.

Locations Edit

You enter Memphis from the south-east, from the Memphis Outskirts.

Near the city entrance (before actually entering the city) you will find the entrance to the Beggars Quarter, where you meet Merab, who starts the side quest Lowest of the Low.

The south-eastern area of the city (generically named City of Memphis) is partly infested with Dune Raiders, and there's also a Rebirth Fountain. The western part is the Memphis Plaza, where all the people lurk around (see below). You will find Imhotep here as well. There's also a Portal, a Blacksmith and an Arcanic next to the plaza. The large Gate to Thebes is 'locked by quest' and cannot be opened until you have completed the main quest The Invocation. However, once opened, it leads to Dahshur and the Upper Nile region.

To the north you will find two more gates: The Gate of the Sphinx leads to the Outer Giza region and eventually to the Giza Plateau, where you have to obtain the Hand of Balance and also get to complete two side quests given in Memphis (as well as receiving and completing another one there). The Gate of the Palm leads to the Artisans' Quarter of Memphis and ultimately to the Fayum Desert and Oasis. There you will have to retrieve the Eye of Chaos and also get two new side quests, which are also completed in that area.

There's another large gate to the south-west, which cannot be opened.

People in Memphis Edit

  • Imhotep (4) awaits you on the plaza near the Gate to Thebes. He updates your main quest several times.
  • Tathari (3) is a woman standing near the Portal. She will give you the side quest The Missing Brother, requesting you to find her borther Unas in Giza. After finding him, return to Tathari to get the reward.
  • Zazamankh (5) is a high priest standing next to the Gate to Thebes. He will give you the side quest The High Priest's Request, which leads you to Giza to retrieve a staff from the Pyramid of Khufu. After obtaining the staff, return to Zazamankh for your reward.
  • Merab (1) is a beggar, found at the entrance to the Beggars Quarter to the south-east. He will start the side quest Lowest of the Low, requesting you to clear all Shadowstalkers from the Beggars Quarter. Return to Merab to get the reward.
  • Sihathor (2) is the local storyteller. He tells the tale of the two brothers Set and Osiris, of Isis and Horus.
  • Pen-dua is a soldier giving you some background information about the Pharao and the soldiers.
  • Bata is a Cleric standing near Imhotep giving some background information about the priests.
  • Tehuti-nekht (M) - Blacksmith
  • Tefibi (E) - Arcanist

See also Edit

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