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Minotaur Lord


The Minotaur Lord is much more powerful version of the normal Minotaurs. You encounter him at the end of the Minoan Labyrinth, just before fighting the first Telkine, Megalesios.


This boss has an extremely high physical damage output, especially on Legendary. His Offensive Ability is very high, so he will critical strike you quite often. However, his main ability is Onslaught. He has the same Onslaught ability as the Warfare Mastery. This includes Ignore Pain, Hamstring, and Ardor. This gives him damage resistance, the ability to slow you and take away your Defensive Ability, and to increase his total speed. He does not, however, have an extremely high amount of health.


Important resistances:

Slow resistance is very important, as it makes running around much easier. Get your Defensive Ability up if you wish, but his Hamstring skill will lower it considerably. Any item that allows you to take less damage from Beastmen will help. The two best pieces of armor for this are Ardent Greaves and Odysseus' Armor. If you can equip both of these, you can reach 70% less damage from Beastmen and make the fight very easy.

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