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Neanderthal was a species of the Homo genus that inhabited Europe and parts of western Asia. In Titan Quest, they appear in Act III. They specialized for hunting in different ways. They can be: Warriors, Rangers or Mages.

Neanderthals are first encountered in the Babylon Outskirts, and are frequenty found in the mountainous regions thereafter.

Warriors are often wield two weapon in their each hand, mostly Spears and Swords. Recommended resistances: Damage, Pierce.

Rangers can be very dangerous in pack due to the deadly amount of piercing damage they deal and also their accurate and rapid shots. Recommended resistances: Pierce, Bleeding and a high chance of Avoid Projectiles ability also useful.

Mages are the best in dealing magic and elemental damage, they always use Staffs. Recommended resistances: Elemental.

Neanderthal BossEdit

  • Barmanu ~ Neanderthal High Warlord

Neanderthal HeroesEdit