Nehebkau fighting a Paladin


Nehebkau the Scorpion King is a Scorpos boss monster in Egypt (Act II). He is found in the Temple of Atum near the Fayum Oasis and guards the Eye of Chaos, a quest item required for the main quest. Compared to the other bosses of Act II, he is fairly easy. He also guards two Majestic Chests.


Nehebkau occsionally summons three Stygian Scorpions to assist him, but they are very weak. His only other notable attack is a poison attack very similar to the gas bomb from the Rogue Mastery. It is also not very strong. Nehebkau does more damage and has more health than normal Scorpos, but those are his only abilities.


Important resistances:

Even low poison resistance (20-40%) is more than enough, as his poison bomb is very weak and easily avoided. He is very easy to tank.

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