Nightstalker Shadow Lord and Shadow Caster (top row), Underling (center), Grunt and Archer.

Nightstalkers are Demon creatures encountered in early Act IV.

General Information Edit

Nightstalkers are one of the first monsters encountered in Act IV. They inhabit most parts of the Ixian Woods and are also found in the Tsakonian Ruins.

Nightstalkers have an above-average Dexterity, resulting in increased Offensive and Defensive Abilities.

Special resistances: None.

Individual groups of Nightstalkers are sometimes led by an Anteok. The Act IV quest Outpost in the Woods also suggests, that Nightstalker actions are coordinated by the Anteok hero Surryln the Belligerent.

Variants Edit

Heroes Edit

Equipment Edit

Nightstalkers use standard armor and weapons. The chances to equip certain items are: 15% for body armor, 10% greaves/wraps, 10% bracers/bracelets, 0.5% ring, 0.5% amulett. Grunts also have a 10% chance to get a shield.

Nightstalkers have no own set of armor or weapons, so they won't drop any monster infrequents.