This tool is used to place everything in your world including:

  • effects
  • monsters
  • NPC's
  • quest tokens
  • doors
  • scenery
  • walls (excluding cave walls)
  • containers
  • proxies
  • shrines (teleport and rebirth)
Fairytale messagebox info Here is some additional information on the Object Classes

Object Selection Edit

This is the main panel of the tool loacted on the right side of the screen. Objects are sorted by their database entry. By altering the database, specifics of the object in question can be changed.


Place the cursor in your world where you would like the object. Click.

Objects can be manipulated by using the object manipulation tool under the object:


Choose an object by selecting it in this panel.

  • Clicking and dragging the cross in the center will move it. (cursor will change to cross hairs)
  • Clicking and dragging the ring around in a circle will rotate the object. (cursor will change to a "circle arrow")
  • Clicking and dragging between the cross and ring will raise and lower it. (cursor will change to a vertical arrow with heads on both ends)

Objects can be added to the pallet for ease of finding them. Select the object you wish to add. Click "Add". The object should show up in the pallet window. To remove: select the object in the pallet window and click "Remove"

Search Edit

There is a search bar located under the object selection panel. By typing an alphanuemeric string in this location the database will be queried by that string. Wildcards are not allowed.

Drop Properties Edit

There are three drop properties:

  • Drop with physics. This will drop your object from a height and let it fall with the physics engine.
  • Randomize Orientation. Objects that are placed will be turned in random orientations. Great for placing many of the same item to give a random look to the landscape.
  • Snap to grid. After specifying the grid size, objects will line up along a grid of that size. Useful for placing objects in a line and perpendicular to each other. In addition, this property is extremely helpful when placing dungeon entrances. After it is placed it will allow the walls to be built with ease.

Placing Objects near Region Borders Edit

Some Objects such as bridges, cliffs, ramps and some walls are linked with the ground. These are called 'Tiles'. You can see this if you place such an object on smooth ground and then move it vertically.

If you place such objects near or across the border, the ground link fails and also the path mesh will not be built correctly. It the game this effect lets you walk through such objects as ifyou had not placed them.

To avoid this problem with cliffs or walls you can use the Inaccessible terrain tool and paint over the region.

But there is no way to solve the problem with bridges. Therefore never place bridges across level borders.

Editor objplaceborder eg01

Picture 1: Bridge placed in the center of a terrain.

Editor objplaceborder eg02

Picture 2: Bridge placed across a terrain border.

Placing Objects in Grids Edit

The same type of thing will happen when these objects are placed in grid type regions. Since there is no terrain to deform, the object will not behave correctly and the player will be able to walk through the item. Unlike with terrain locations, the Inaccessible terrain tool will not work in grid regions. Solid objects will be needed to block the player's path.

Fairytale messagebox info You might create a grid with two Y layers. Use the upper layer for the game and place objects in the lower layer. The player won't be able to see them, but they will still block his/her path. Another option would be to retexture a wall with an alpha texture making it an invisible boundary.

Issues with Shrines in Grids Edit

Shrines are a special case object. Placing them in grid regions will cause pathing problems when they are used.


Picture 1: Shrine on Terrain.


Picture 2: Shrine on Grid.

Notice on the right picture the white line around the object. This is a "no-cross" line when the object is located in a grid region.

Issues with Spawnpoints in Grids Edit

Also spawnpoints do not work correctly whitin grids. So place your spawnpoint within terrain regions.

Tips and Tricks Edit

Fairytale messagebox info If you want to make an underworld only mod, use a simple trick:

Make some small terrain regions with rocks, where you adjust the light settings and it will look like a cave. There you can also place your spawn points and teleporter shrines.

Icons-mini-arrow left Editing mode

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