Ormenos is the Telkine found in the Orient. Ormenos wields the Sickle of Kronos, which he eventually uses to free the Titan, Typhon. The player faces Ormenos at the end of Act 3, the Orient. Through a bug the player can optain the Sickle of Kronos when Ormenos is killed after the story is finished

More direct than the other Telkines, Ormenos relies on heavy firepower rather than the traps and tricks of his two brothers. He tends to remain stationary while firing very high-damage fireballs and causing the cavern ceiling to collapse, raining sharp stones down on the player. He will then pick up these stones and hurl them at the player. All of his attacks do high damage, so fighting him may require a bit of running around!

Ormenos summons 4 Magma Sprites to do damage to you, similar to Megalesios summoning Limos' or Aktaios summoning Tomb Guardians. However, they are weak and can be killed by the rocks falling from the ceiling that Ormenos himself summons. People who use a ranged weapon can pick of the sprites one by one with the familiar hit and run tactic, yet this tactic does not work well fighting Ormenos as he usually doesn't follow you back up the narrow slope of rock and you cannot shoot at him from it either.

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