Outpose in the Woods is a side quest for Act IV, near Rhodes.

When entering the Ixian Woods, you are approached by a fleeing scout sent to get refinforcements, and he directs you to the left towards the sounds of fighting.


  • Upon seeing the scout, head to the left. When you reach the camp, defeat all enemy monsters, then speak with Teisias - Sergeant.
  • Teisias reports the enemeies come from the waterfall, and they're led by a massive elder anteok.
  • Head to Den of the Anteok. It is found in the north-east corner of the Ixian Woods, near the waterfall.
    • The den contains Nightstalkers. The first room contains archers and shadow casters, while other types of nightstalkers are present in other rooms.
  • Surryln the Belligerent - Anteok Hero is in the last room.

Once the hero is defeated, return to Teisias to turn in the quest.

Rewards Edit

  • 30,000 Experience (normal). 75,000 Experience (epic)
  • a random magical item. What's the ingame placeholder description?