This is a quest condition.

It is met if the token X is in the player's possession. This is a passive condition. The game will not check continually whether it is met. Therefore it should only be used as an additional condition with another, active one.

If you want the game to react immediately after the player is given the token, use Got token X instead.


Not (boolean): If this is set to true, the condition is met if the player has not got te token.
Resetable (boolean): If this is set to true, the trigger can be refired by the condition after the game has been exited to the main menu and then restarted.
Token (token): This is the token you select from your mod's tokens.bin file.

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Fairytale messagebox info Important

Realise that Owns Token X and Got Token X serve different purposes. In those cases where you want the next trigger to be fired by the condition that your character has obtained the token, you will need to use the got token X condition. The owns token X condition will most likely not work in a given step if your character was given the token in the step immediately preceeding this one.

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