Note, that pets in general will lose power during Normal, sometimes becoming very ineffective in Act 3 and 4. However, in Epic and then again in Legendary they receive a massive boost in hitpoints, damage and resistances, making them useful again.

Immortal Throne added the ability to set the stance for pets to either passive, normal, or aggressive:

  • Aggressive: Your pets will automatically hunt down all monsters in range. Useful early on or when farming standard mobs, however, not advised when fighting bosses.
  • Normal: Your pets will stay close to you, but attack enemies that get close to you or attack you.
  • Defensive: Your pets will stick close to you and never take the initiative in combat. However, when either you or they get hit, they will move to take down the attacker.

Trinkets and staves with Beastcaller's, Spiritcaller's, Summoner's, Invoker's or Ritualist's affixes add particular damage or armor to all pets. As for damage modifiers, however, only melee attacks seem to be affected from this.

Permanent Pets Edit

  • Wolves (Nature): Melee attackers that serve as minor damage dealers and tanks/meat shields. Can summon 2 wolves with skill level 7, and 3 wolves with skill level 18 (needs +skills equipment). Synergies add % health reduction and bleeding damage (Maul), damage absorption (Survival Instinct) and damage/armor buff (Strength of the Pack)
  • Sylvan Nymph (Nature): Ranged attacker. Synergies allow to cast a damage absorption shield on allies and to deal extra elemental damage.
  • Core Dweller (Earth): Excellent melee attacker/tank. Synergies provide additional defense and add fire damage.
  • Lich King (Spirit): Ranged caster. Uses area of effect magic, life drains, and debuffs to aid you.
  • Wisp (Storm): Melee attacker / lightning damage. Gets new spell Thunder Clap at level 5, which stuns several enemies. Eye of the Storm synergy increases all elemental damage attacks within a radius of 14.0 meters.
  • Nightmare (Dream):

Temporary Pets Edit

Devices Edit

Some skills allow the player to summon a temporary device. These are not affected by pet modifier items and have no icon. However, they do receive bonuses from certain auras, like additional hit points from Heart of Oak, and you can cast certain buffs on them, such as Herbal Remedy.

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