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Ratmen are half-men, half-rat. 

"Out of deep places of foul magic, a tribe of giant, upright rats emerged. Crude though their weapon and armor may be, many an adventurer, deep in a dungeon, has found himself suddenly ringed by a sea of red, hungry eyes and dully glinting swords."

Recommended resistances: Damage, Slow, Poison

Notes: the Ratmen are not strong but will gain strength in numbers. There is also a Plague Spreader Ratmen which is kind of Shaman. He has the ability Plague which cause unit to take damage over-time and moves to another enemy unit. Beware of using pets against them.

Ratman HeroesEdit

  • Fesil the Quick ~ Ratman Hero
  • The Nibbler ~ Ratman Hero
  • Wheedletongue the Magnificent ~ Ratman Hero
  • Sinnet Patchfur ~ Ratman Hero